Why Choose Process for All?


Strategic decisions ECO-ASSISTIC

What is it?

P4A is a business ecosystem that promotes technological innovation in corporations through the adoption of a working model based on the three main pillars of the organizations; people, business processes and technology.

The intervention of P4A in the companies is based on the adoption of the ECO-ASSISTIC model which allows us and our business partners to take the initiatives of technological implementation and innovation of their administrative processes to strategic decision making.​

Our expertise in oil and gas industry make the solutions be resilient, with disaster recovery plan included.


ECO-ASSITIC is the value added offer of P4A for our business partners. We live within organizations as an inclusive work style at all corporate levels, especially in those who works with high level of continuity because we understand the processes who works 24 x 7 x 365.


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0% Information redundancy

  • Master data

  • Information Structure

  • Mining

  • Quality

  • Security

Cross Company traceability

  • Analytics

  • Reports 

  • Monitors

Collaborative operation

  • Workflows

  • Task Manager

Roles and profiles

  • Roles and Profiles

  • Organizational structure

  • Service Orientation

  • Access

Interdependence between areas

  • Training

  • Processes

  • Procedures

  • Business rules

  • Key Users

Implementation of scalable innovation projects

  • Project management

  • Change management

  • Process management

  • Business architecture

Integrated technologies

  • Middleware

  • Enterprise Service Bus

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Networking