RFID Solution

Werehouse management

Who we are


  • P4A AS is a MEXICAN company specializing in solutions for maritime and Oil&Gas industries.

  • Our main focus is on the needs of the modern vessel fleet throughout the world

  • Our experience is based on being a service provider in one of the cities most important in Mexico in the OIL&GAS industry, with the main focus in operations Offshore.

  • Our staff is specialized in a different process, related to the marine operation, the offshore operation, catering, payroll process, etc.

  • We support our customers with a quality high level, using standards processes and methodologies based on best practices.

Contact Us

Av. Isla de Tris No 57G, Nivel 5 Int 505, Torre Altum Center. Colonia Palmira, CP. 24154, Carmen, Campeche, México

Tel. +52 938-28664-92


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