The Lívera assets leasing manager is a solution designed to manage from start to finish the assets or products that the company sells to multiple clients. Or Lívera allows you to manage the assets that the company has leased from different suppliers.

The management of the processes can be carried out in two business lines: Leasing and Logistics Services.


Under the leasing scheme, the operation of the assets is designed for massive management, in such a way that it is possible to manage large requests for rental assets of any kind in a simple and intuitive manner.

It can also maintain the management of leased equipment within the company, taking control of the area, which user has it assigned, entry dates, maintenance costs, among others.


The operational nature of this line of business is oriented to the rental of major assets, such as cargo transport, personnel transport, major equipment. Etc. Under this scheme, Lívera allows managing the entire asset cycle, from the request to the collection. All at the level of service orders.

Asset Cycle

All the assets that are managed in Lívera comply with a service cycle for the client, since it is available, receives a request, prepares, delivers it, returns it, takes it to review and/or maintenance, it is again made available and the application is closed.