Intelisis is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or business management program that integrates all the elements of the company, from an operational and financial perspective, generating interdepartmental collaboration, with clients and suppliers.


With Intelisis, you manage the processes of Commercial Management, Supply Chain, Financial Administration, Human Resources & Payroll and Inventory Control, while complying with the rules and regulations of the SAT (Tax Administration System).


At P4A we know that as a business you always look to improve the service you offer to your clients, thus increasing your profits. We are convinced that to achieve this it is necessary to have a careful management of the three main elements of your organization: people, processes, and technology regardless of the size or the turn of your company.

Benefits in people


  • It establishes workflows between departments of the company, promoting a collaborative work environment.

  • Improves communication between people and work areas.

  • Reduce man-hours in repetitive transactions and with little value for the company.

  • It leads people to the analysis of information by reducing work and manual measurements, in order to generate better strategies for the company.


Benefits of processes
  • Integrate and order processes in your organization.

  • Establish authorization and control flows.

  • Define position and roles for each participant and clarify the scope of their responsibilities and activities.

Benefits of technology


  • Use a single database for all the information about your organization, storing histories for consultation.

  • Enter data at the time and place where they are generated, eliminating errors of inconsistency or duplicate information.

  • It allows the access, exchange, and update of information in a simple way.

  • Consolidate information for use in one or more locations.