EVA4 Earned Value Analyzer is the solution that allows you to have the certainty of the productivity of your projects using the Earned Value method.

The Earned Value method * helps measure the performance of your project and manages to forecast the total cost if you continue with the same pace of work.

Joint and relate the information of the work program, the daily progress information in the field and the related costs of the project that are generated in your administrative system (ERP), to reproduce the graphs and indicators according to the Earned Value method in each of your projects, regardless of the stage you are in.

EVA4 extracts information from any ERP or business management program. If you do not handle any, it is still possible to obtain the results that this solution offers you.

Advances in activities and use of resources (personnel, equipment, materials, consumables, etc.) are captured from the work site.

* Methodology endorsed by the PMI since 1987.